My Book Vow

I’ve been doing some professional reading regarding independent reading, especially SSR*.  Because I’m making my 6th graders take a book vow, I’m going to take one, too, for the second trimester of the class I teach: I VOW TO READ 12 BOOKS BY MARCH 3, 2017. To keep myself accountable, I will post reviews/ reactions… Read More My Book Vow


I just finished Faith: Hollywood and Vine by Jody Houser and all I have to say is WOW. There are many reasons why I love this comic. Let me count the ways: *Faith doesn’t have the stereotypical female superhero body. I like the way that her size is not an issue at all–not only do… Read More Faith!

Why I’m Quitting The Facebook (sort of)

Facebook isn’t metal. At least, not anymore. Facebook used to be kittens, stupid surveys about your friends and music videos. Anymore, it seems like everyone is posting “political posts”, which I really don’t think are political, as much as it is ill-researched opinions. I’m not sure when civility left conversation, but it seems to be… Read More Why I’m Quitting The Facebook (sort of)