My Head Asploded!

Okay, so I just got an email from the 90 Second Newbery regarding shows in the spring. While I know James Kennedy will be bringing the 90 Second Newbery to the Dryden Theater in Rochester in March, as well as at a fundraiser for TBF, I saw that he will be in Boston at the end of April with M.T. Anderson as a co-presenter.

This is almost all my book crushes in one place!* I feel as giddy as I was in college when I got to meet Matthew Sweet or when Amy and I got seats in the 9th row at a Rush concert.

So, yeah, I’m screeching, but internally, because if I start screeching at work, the kids and teachers who are trying to do work in the library will not appreciate it, even if it IS JAMES KENNEDY AND M.T. ANDERSON IN ONE PLACE AT THE SAME TIME!

*Jon Skovron is my other YA book crush…in case you were wondering.

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