I just finished Faith: Hollywood and Vine by Jody Houser and all I have to say is WOW.

There are many reasons why I love this comic. Let me count the ways:

*Faith doesn’t have the stereotypical female superhero body. I like the way that her size is not an issue at all–not only do any of the other characters call her “fat”, but she is comfortable and moves like all superheroes. Very cool message about body image.

*Faith’s concerns and fears ¬†have been mine. She broke up with her boyfriend and calls into question as to whether or not she’s done the right thing. She is a little jealous when she sees her ex with a new girlfriend. I was there once, so I get it.

*Faith is into sci-fi and comics.

*She is attractive to guys although she doesn’t fit the ideal of a perfect body.

I very much enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to the next installment of Faith!

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