Books are Metal–Sparknotes Version

I know I post that I’m going to blog more and then I go missing, so here’s a recap on what’s going on in my life:

*We went on a family day trip last Saturday to Old Fort Niagara. It’s interesting because it is old. My favorite part is that you can see Toronto across the lake and it reminds of Oz from the movie, The Wizard of Oz.

*Books I’m reading or read:


Anne of Green Bagels by Susan Schade and Jon Buller
When I purchased this at Wonderland comics, one of the owners got excited that I was getting it because of the title. I have to admit that the title is what drew me to the book, especially as I am an Anne of Green Gables fan*. Like Anne Shirley, Anne is dealing with change and trying to find her way in a new place. I particularly enjoyed the dream sequences in this book, which are black, white and green.


Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

This is my current read. I’m about halfway through it and I find myself saying, “Just one more chapter” when I read it. The narrative is fast-paced and enough of the characters’ details are shrouded in mystery to make me want to devour this book. I admit that this isn’t a great choice for the 15 minutes of independent reading that I use to start my class, because I just want to not teach and finish the book.

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