Reading Roundup- Gold Fish by Nat Luurtsema

Howdy, pardner! It’s time for a reading round-up, since I haven’t posted about reading in quite sometime. So, here is one of the books I’ve been reading and my impression:



Goldfish by Nat Luurtsema
I finished this last night. Fifteen year old Lou Brown is poised to pursue her dreams to swim as part of an Olympic team until she totally blows the time trials. Instead, she is left dejected and alone, as her best friend made the time trials and moves to another school. These three young men who want desperately to be on Britain’s Hidden Talent pursue having Lou coach them for swimming. Lou accepts and finds her life turned upside down.

This was a fun, character-driven lead. While I didn’t find it laugh-out-loud funny, I did think it was cute. It’s part of that genre that includes The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole and the Louise Rennison books.

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