The Soundtrack to Pride & Prejudice: Or, Jane Austen Is Not Metal

Perhaps it is because I’ve been a school librarian for awhile or that I’m into music, but every so often, I think of a soundtrack for a book. One of my English teacher friends is developing an assignment to have her students create a soundtrack for Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

If you know anything about me, I really don’t like Pride and Prejudice. I’ve tried to read it multiple times and the furthest I’ve read is about 3/4 of the way through the book. To me, the characters are shallow and not particularly likable.

So this is my *limited* P&P soundtrack:

“Loser” by Beck- Mr. Collins is a loser, bay-beee…

“Mr. Boombastic” by Shaggy- Let’s face it, this song totes applies to Darcy at the beginning of the novel.

“Handsome + Gretel” by Babes in Toyland- This is Bingley’s sister-whose name escapes me right now. It just is.

I realize that this is all early 90s alternative, so I don’t know what that has to do with P&P. The music is not metal. Sometimes, you just have to trust these things.

2 thoughts on “The Soundtrack to Pride & Prejudice: Or, Jane Austen Is Not Metal

  1. Making book soundtracks is a great creative process. I have assigned my students to do the same.

    It’s also cool to see that writers like Rainbow Rowell create writing playlists to listen to while they write their books.

    Music and books are essential.


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