Reading Friday

Today is the first Ready Friday of 2016! Are you stoked? I am!

Of course, I am also on my second cup of coffee so everything I type right now is all exclamation points!

Me: Look, it’s you, Trumie! Trumie: You woke me from my nap, woman.

I read Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck over the past two weeks. Although I was annoyed by some of the decisions of the main character, Kelsey, I really enjoyed the book! I like how Houck integrated Indian mythology into the plot. I also enjoyed going on the quest with Kelsey and Ren to try to lift the curse.

As you can see from the above photo, my cat, Truman Capote, also enjoyed the book. Okay, I’m putting words in her mouth; I think she really enjoyed sitting on the fleece blanket when I read. I don’t think she enjoyed the fact that whenever I picked up my book to read, I would point at the cover and say, “Look, it’s you!”

I picked up Tiger’s Curse because one of students suggested it to me. When I returned the book this morning, the student and her friend asked if I was going to read the second book in the series. Although I have a TBR list a mile long, I did check out the second book.


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