Happy Nude Year!

Happy New Year or Happy Nude Year, as I accidentally texted my dad on New Years.*  Anyway, do you have any reading resolutions? Do you set up a reading challenge for yourself?

In the past, I’ve set up reading challenges on Goodreads, only to fail miserably at them because War and Peace only counts as one book, even if it took me forever to read half of it before I panicked about not meeting some reading goal on Goodreads and ditching it.

So, yeah, I’m not good with reading challenges.

However, my New Year Reading Resolution is to carry a book around with me, so that I pick up said book instead of mindlessly scroll through Facebook and feeling bad about my life. Rather than feeling bad about how I think my life should be, I will live many lives through reading.**


**I think I saw a quote to this effect on Facebook, actually.

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