Reading Friday

Reading Friday will be a regular feature on this blog. It is about what I am reading right no

I have two books I am reading right now: Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George and Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life by Robin Quivers.

According to my Kindle app, I am only 10 percent through Silver in the Blood. I love historical fiction, so this book is up my alley! I’m interested to see where it is going because the story line is a little vague at this point. I have at least a four-hour boat ride this afternoon (that’s another story), so I’m hoping to get some reading done.

Here’s something you should know if you would like to follow this blog: I really like reading food books, whether they are cookbooks or the history of food or food production. Also, I love cooking. Anyway, I was browsing the vegetarian and vegan section of a local Barnes & Noble and this book piqued my interest because Robin Quivers*. I’m about three chapters into the book and, quite frankly, I’m not sure if I will finish it. I think what is bothering me about the books is that Quivers throws out these statistics and facts and doesn’t use in text citation for many of them. True, there is a section of footnotes at the end. Yes, I know this would probably only bother me because part of my job is insisting on in text or parenthetical documentation of my student work. I get annoyed when I read a non fiction piece and I don’t know where the author is getting his/her info.

I do admire Quiver’s struggle with her weight because I was there, too, sister!

If you are looking for a book for reasons to go veg, I would recommend Mark Bittman’s VB6. Bittman’s book helped me eat healthier foods. Yes, he cites his sources.**

So, that’s my Reading Friday wrap up. What are you reading?

*I was in high school when Howard Stern’s radio show started broadcasting in Rochester. I listened to it while I was getting ready for school. I admire Robin Quivers.

**Between my MA thesis and teaching ELA or working as a library media person, source citation is my thing. Sorry (not sorry).

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